Medical knowledge in a changing world

Health care is changing rapidly. Our commitment to knowledge and understanding keeps us at the forefront of a changing world. 

Solving the world’s hardest medical problems

We learn from others. This includes the thousands of researchers and physicians who came before us.

Among our organizations, we share knowledge through studies, research, and data. It helps us gain a better understanding of medicine today.

We have the ability to leverage the data and information from thousands of research studies, clinical trials, and investigations happening at once.

Our teams also collaborate with researchers and academics around the world. Combined, our resources, knowledge, and data help patients everywhere.

Gregg Meyer

We need to make health care easier for our patients. Our patients want health care to operate like every other sector of our economy. Our digital health initiative will help us to engage patients and ensure that they are getting the attention they need, when they need it, in a manner that works for them.

By leveraging data and technology, we can ensure that wherever patients are in our system, they can benefit from the expertise of our clinicians and access world-class care.

Gregg Meyer, M.D., MSc
President of Community Division
Executive Vice President of Value-Based Care

Training a new generation to reach their full potential


A brilliant and empowering community. Inspiration at every turn. World-renowned teachers at your side. We’re training the next generation of physicians in all aspects of care, and this just begins to describe what they experience at Mass General Brigham.

We’re proud of our work in teaching, with many Harvard Medical School physicians, researchers, and faculty. Knowledge and academics are a key part of what makes Mass General Brigham the renowned leader it is today. 

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Clinical research

We are opening the door to the clinical research process. From study design to implementation, we’re inviting the public to help shape a meaningful research experience and making it easier to find the studies relevant to you.